precision engineeringJ.B. Mauderer Precision Engineering Welcomes You.!
About us:
Jörg Mauderer started this company 15 years ago and it has grown from strength to strength. Our staff have remained in our employ for many years, through all the good times and adversities. With the immense engineering knowledge of Jörg we have, together, provided solutions to out clients. Jörg, providing the solution and the staff carrying out his instructions impeccably. We maintain a high standard of work and no item leaves the factory without being quality controlled by Jörg himself.

What we do:
We make high

precision engineered

components and


for all industries and are well renowned in the Republic and internationally. We have done work for various industries including










, and


, as well as in the

wine and fruit production

. We make it right the first time and we have a very strict quality control.

To the customer:

Our commitment to you….

Contact us: 97 Connaught road, Beaconvale, Parow , 7500 | Phone number: 074 164 5026 | Fax number: 074 128 0047 | Email: